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Kyrah’s Eczema Skin Story

“When I started secondary school, I began to feel more confident”

This is Skin Stories, where we get under the skin of what it’s like to live with certain skin conditions – from eczema to psoriasis. It’s a safe space where real people share the relationship that they have with their skin, along with their management tips and solutions. Here, Kyrah, 15, shares what it’s like to live with eczema on her hands and wrists.

Meet Kyrah

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Kyrah used to have eczema all over her body, but now it’s just on her hands and her wrists.

What are your trigger watchouts?

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Everything from being around animals to dust can trigger can cause an eczema flare-up for Kyrah. She always makes sure that she wears materials on her skin that don’t irritate it and she also finds that keeping her skin clean helps to avoid infections or her symptoms getting any worse.

Have you ever felt held back by having eczema?

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When Kyrah was younger, and her eczema was much worse, she felt very self-conscious and didn’t want other people to see her skin. She didn’t feel comfortable in her skin, which meant she avoided doing certain things or wearing certain things.

When have you felt most comfortable in your skin?

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Starting secondary school is when Kyrah noticed a difference in her confidence levels, after learning a lot about her skin over the years and how to look after it.

“My hobbies are acting and rollerskating – I also play football sometimes. When my skin is under control, I feel comfortable doing these things.” For Kyrah, it helps knowing how her skin reacts to certain triggers and how she can prevent it from breaking out so that she can still do all she loves.

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