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Leo’s Eczema
Skin Story

“Worrying about it never makes it better”

This is Skin Stories, where we get under the skin of what it’s like to live with certain skin conditions – from eczema to psoriasis. It’s a safe space where real people share the relationship that they have with their skin, along with their management tips and solutions. Here, Leo, 21, shares what it’s like to live with eczema.

Meet Leo

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Leo was born in Paris and lives in London – he has grown up with eczema and experienced it for most of his life: “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have eczema. I’ve had a long journey experimenting with different creams, techniques, and practices to try to lessen the inflammation.”

What are your trigger watchouts?

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As a child, Leo was allergic to eggs, which did trigger his eczema, but as he outgrew that, the triggers weren’t so obvious. Over time, Leo learned that two of his big triggers are dairy and gluten. He has found that cutting these foods out of his diet has really helped to manage his symptoms: “It took time, the skin got worse before it got better because I had to detoxify, but then I benefited a lot.”

Leo can also experience flare-ups as a result of day-to-day triggers, such as wearing certain clothes, the heat or certain environments that are too dry or too humid.

What’s your go-to for soothing symptoms?

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Leo regularly leans into holistic practices like breathwork and meditation, which help a lot to relieve his stress, which can be a trigger.

“I constantly battle with my mind, because it’s a complicated journey of building that self-confidence with yourself to believe that you can get better when everything seems so dark and hollow. I’ve come out of that tunnel a few times by myself, and I know now that I’m able to heal.”

Leo has a less is more approach to skincare and uses creams and body washes that contain simple, gentle ingredients.

Advice for feeling comfortable in your skin

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Letting go: “Worrying about it never makes it better; it always makes it worse. So, if you can, embrace whatever’s happened and try and find bliss within it”.

If Leo does feel insecure, he tries hard to go against those feelings and not let his skin condition hold him back. “I know deep down that if anyone judges me or says something to me about my skin, it’s never actually about me, it’s their own trouble and insecurities that they need to deal with. I’m still happy to go outside, do sport and be the person I am no matter what anyone thinks.”

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