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E45 Rich 24H Lotion



E45 Rich 24H Lotion with evening primrose oil for deep, nourishing moisturisation that lasts throughout the day.

E45 Rich 24H Lotion is a light, daily moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin to keep the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Our lotion has been dermatologically tested for dry, sensitive skin and is formulated with evening primrose oil, known for its skin nourishing properties that help to lock and retain moisture within the skin. E45 Rich 24H Lotion contains a purified, hypoallergenic form of lanolin, which has excellent moisturising properties to soothe, protect and care for the skin.

  • 24-hour moisturisation, with evening primrose oil to help lock in and retain moisture
  • Quickly absorbed to leave skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated
  • Clinically proven to protect the skin from dryness, whilst reducing roughness, redness, scaling and flaking
  • Dermatologically tested for dry, sensitive skin
  • No added colour or fragrances